The Coldest Day of the Year


“I have an idea…”

That’s how it starts. I have an idea that sticks in my mind until I can put it to work. In this moment, I wanted the swirling water around the base of these cypress trees just south of Jacksonville. I knew the spot. I knew the mood. I knew the light. I just had no clue it was going to be so cold.

My wife and I bundled up as much as simple Floridians can and drove the quick 15 minutes to the spot I had in mind. Our walk to the riverfront was cold, but not freezing. Once we were at the riverfront, we were hit full-force with 30 mph winds blasting near-freezing temperatures in our thin-blooded face.

Though I quickly lost feeling in my fingers, I still had enough time to snap a few images.

It was worth it.


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