Amelia working on the ranch

Lately I have realized that I have not been posting enough to this blog. I take pictures every day, but they seem to get caught up in the craziness of life. I want to make it a point to post, at least weekly, some of the stories or photos I have taken recently.


Yesterday, I went with my wife over to the horse ranch that she volunteers at. It was really interesting seeing my wife in the environment that she feels most comfortable in. I have only seen her around horses a couple times, but this time was special because I was only with her and the horses. She even taught me how to clean and groom a horse.OnFence

I am a photojournalist, so with the majority of my photos I try and tell the story visually. Her interaction with horses piqued my curiosity and I wanted to try and show it through a lifestyle photoshoot. This wasn’t forced in any way. I only provided a little input that helped create the emotional connection between her and the horse; but, for the most part, I stayed by her side, just taking in the moment. PatTheBack RidingHorse

I think the true essence of her relationship with the horses came out because it was not forced, she was just herself.Walking


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